• Travel English: Portland, Oregon

    Preparing for a trip to Portland, Oregon? Here are some some travel trips for people who speak English as a Second Language.

    Portland, Oregon is a city where the color gray is talked about like poetry and “Sunbreaks” (when the sun will peak out from behind the clouds) are part of the forecast.

    Portland is known for great beer.

    Unless you are visiting in July and August, bring a raincoat. Nonetheless, the rain does not stop anyone from enjoying this lush city.  Roses of all colors grow in many of the urban yards.  Most commutes to work involve a bicycle, walking, or the Max.

    So when you fly into this city forget the rental car.  Getting around is quicker and easier on 2 wheels, 2 feet, or the rail.  Plus, to enjoy the Portland beer scene you won’t need (or want) a car.  Check out one of the 26 breweries during a brewery crawl.

    Parking is an issue in downtown.  Some districts are valet only.  Avoid these problems, traffic, and spending money on gas by renting a bicycle for your stay.

    Here is a great map in Spanish to get you around on the bicycle trails, many of them are for bicycles only.

    But do not ride a bicycle when you have been drinking: you could get a hurt or get a ticket.

    Watch this Local Tour of Portland, Oregon

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