• How to use So and Such in English (video and exercise)

    Do you know when to use So and Such in English? We hear our English students confuse the two words often, because their meanings seem to be similar. The words are useful when used correctly. Look at this example:

    She speaks (so/such) quickly.

    She has (so/such) nice clothes.

    Watch the video below to get the correct answers to the questions above.

    Now try the exercises below. If you write your answers in comments, we will correct them.

    1. I get (so/such) many emails everyday that it takes me all day to answer them.

    2. Answering emails all day is (so/such) a boring thing to do.

    3. I talk to my brother on the phone (so/such) often that my bill is very high.

    4. But we have (so/such) good conversations.

    5. I drank (so/such) much beer that I danced on the bar top.

    6. It made me look like (so/such) an idiot.

    7. This has been (so/such) a long week!

    8. Why did this week seem (so/such) long?

    9. Because I was (so/such) sick, I couldn’t do anything.

    10. That’s (so/such) a shame!

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