• English Relative Clauses and Pronouns (video and exercise)

    If you are learning English, you might wonder what a relative clause is, and how to use them. We’ve got a great video below to help explain it. Basically, they are used to add extra information about a noun in a sentence.

    The sentence below is an example (the relative clause is in blue):

    I bought new shoes which are for running.

    To learn more about these types of sentences, watch the video below, and try the exercises.

    Combine the sentences below using the correct relative pronoun to create a relative clause. If you write your answers in comments, we will reply.

    1. That woman is wearing red. She sells me makeup.

    2. The store on Second Street sells eggs. Also, that is where I buy bread.

    3. That man is running down the sidewalk. I think he stole something.

    4. A man is talking to Anne. Do you know that man?

    5. We met a girl yesterday. I thought she was pretty.

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