• Directions in English – Videos, Exercises and a Woman Who is Always Lost

    Learning how to ask for and understand directions in English is probably one of the most important things you need to learn if you’re traveling to an English speaking country. Most likely, you will be in a place you are unfamiliar with, but if you haven’t practiced or studied how to ask for and understand directions in English, your best resource, other people, will not be available to you.

    The videos below will help you to understand how we give directions in English, and how to ask for them. We’ve also got a link to a very interesting video from the New York Times about a woman who has lost the ability to know where she is. She is literally lost all the time.

    Directions in English – Video

    Exercise: Give directions using the map below. Write your answers in comments and we’ll reply.

    Monica is at the corner of Columbia Avenue and Second Street. She needs to get to the post office to mail her friends postcards. Find the post office building and give her directions to get there.

    You are on Obrien and 1st street. Ask directions to 3 different locations. Ask in 3 different manners:

    Example. Excuse me, do you know how to get to…, Pardon, can you give me directions to…,

    No Sense of Direction

    Click this link to watch a video about a woman who has lost her sense of direction, then complete the exercises.

    Direction Exercises:

    1. I’m _____ _______.

    2. How old was she the first time she got lost?

    3. Its almost as if someone _____ __ the entire world turns it and sets it ____ ____.

    4. ____ to the _____.

    5. How did she find her way to school?

    6. Why did she have problems learning?

    7. Where does she live? Why is this significant with her disorder?

    8. What were the scariest moments for her regarding her problem with direction?

    9. How did she discover the disorder?

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