• Listening Exercise: A Discussion on Dialects

    This is an interesting English listening exercise partly because it may be challenging for students more familiar with a North American neutral accent.

    One of the unique qualities of LOI English is our teachers come from several different English speaking countries. Taking classes with teachers that have different accents will strengthen your overall listening abilities and prepare you for exams.

    The IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, First Certificate, and PET love to have different accents in their listening parts of the exam. Some of the accents are even difficult for native English speakers to understand at first. Listen to this amazing actor and his accent. One thing to note is the Idris Elba is a master at changing his accent from British to North American to South African.

    Answer the questions below in comments and we will respond.

    1. What is the first question that Idris Elba asks?
    2. What role do many hope is in Idris Elba’s future?
    3. What were his concerns with playing the character in “Beasts of a Nation”?
    4. What does he consider every character?
    5. What was similar between himself and the character he played, Stringer Bell?
    6. Why did he choose his uncle’s voice for the character he played in “Beasts”?
    7. Does he want to do more dark roles?

    Do you think that Idris would make a good James Bond? Why or why not? How many different dialects/accents does your language have?

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