• Today You’ll Learn Contractions in Only 10 Minutes!

    When I went to the US for Thanksgiving, it didn’t take long for me to get sick of the cheesy Christmas ads on TV.  Maybe I just needed to get in the holiday spirit, and this commercial by Wes Anderson helped.  No matter which holidays you do or don’t celebrate, we can probably all agree on the greatness of Anderson’s films.  My personal favorites are The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Darjeeling Limited.  So, as we enjoy this short and sweet Christmas ad, we’ll review contractions and practice them.

    What are English contractions:

    • Two words put together to make a shortened version.  Some letters are omitted and replaced with an apostrophe ()

    When we do we use English contractions:

    • You’ll commonly hear and use contractions in speaking
    • Informal writing–you’ll notice I’ve used a lot of contractions already in this post.  This is because I’d like to convey an informal, conversational tone.

    When we DO NOT use English contractions:

    • Formal writing: CVs, cover letters, essays, theses, etc.

    In order to remember which letters to omit, you’ve just got to practice.  Complete this exercise by filling in the blanks in the comments section.  Then choose one contraction from each section and use it in a sentence.

    English Contraction List


    • I will = ___
    • you will = _____
    • we will = we’ll  (We’ll see each other tonight.)
    • they will = they’ll
    • he will = ____
    • she will = _____
    • it will = ____


    • I am = __
    • you are = you’re (You’re my best friend.)
    • we are = ____
    • they are = ______
    • he is = ___
    • she is = ___
    • it is = ___

    Present Perfect form:

    • I have = I’ve (I’ve been waiting for you for an hour.)
    • you have = you’ve
    • we have = ____
    • they have = ______
    • he has = he’s
    • she has = ____
    • it has = ___


    • let us = let’s…we use this to make a suggestion that include ourselves.  For example, let’s go!
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