• The World’s Deadliest Garden

    How could such a beautiful garden be so poisonous?  Fun fact for all of you Harry Potter fans out there-Alnwick Castle is Hogwarts in the first few movies!  

    Alnwick Castle was used as Hogwarts in the first Harry Potter films.

    Today, we’ll first review some differences between British and American English.  Then, take a look at the short video, and practice your listening skills with the following comprehension questions.  

    Recently, Peter posted this lesson about British vs. American English.  Let’s take a look at some common vocabulary differences between the two.  It’s your job to match the word a British person would say to what someone from the US would use.  Write your answers to this and the following questions in the comments below!

    British English                American English

    till                                      around

    boot                                   elevator

    chemist                             round trip

    aroundabout                   cash register

    whereabouts                    trunk

    chips                                  where

    crisps                                 pharmacy

    lift                                       diaper

    nappy                                 French fries

    return                                 potato chips

    1. How many plants in the garden are poisonous?
    2. This plant is Giant Hogweed.  It will get up to ________  high.
    3. How many years could you have blisters from the hogweed?
    4. We have to _______ maintain the garden, so we have to tend the plants.
    5. How do the gardeners protect themselves when dealing with the poisonous plants?
    6. What will cyanide do to you?
    7. Why did the Duchess decide to have a poison garden instead of a herb garden?
    8. People are _____ by poisonous plants.
    9. Why is the man fascinated by the garden?
    10. Do you have a garden? If so, what types of plants does it have, and how do you tend it?
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