• English Listening Exercise: Filming a Movie Scene

    This video caught my attention. The idea that they are filming the movie, “Under the Skin,” on a live street with no actors, using hidden cameras, is fascinating to me.

    I’m not sure about the ethical questions of filming people who are unaware of being filmed, I’m also not sure if they needed to get permission after the scene was shot.

    The scene is filmed in Glasgow, Scotland and the director has a nice interesting accent and uses some great phrasal verbs that are good for English language learners. Listen to the short clip and do the listening and writing exercise. As always if you put your answers in the comments I will correct them.

    Click here to open the video in a new window.

    1. What is Scarlett’s character?

    2. What makes the scene different from a typical movie set?

    3.  Where is the camera crew?

    4. The idea of the scene is that she falls, she _____ and as she is down on the ground she is being asked if she needs help from _______ by.

    5. She is slowly sort of _______ __.

    6. Why is it a key scene in the movie?

    7. Where are the camera’s located?

    8. She is on her way to being _____ of the throng now.

    9. What does the above sentence mean?

    Writing Exercise: Would you want to see this movie? Why or why not? How would you feel if you were filmed in a movie scene but didn’t know it, like the people on the street in Glasgow? Does this way of filming make the movie more or less interesting for you?

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