• Get To – Phrasal Verb of the Day

    Today’s phrasal verb of the day is: Get To

    Infinitive form: Get To

    Present Tense: Get To

    ing form: Getting To

    Past tense: Got To

    Past Participle: Got To/ Gotten To


    Get To is an in inseparable English phrasal verb. It can be used in five following ways:


    When you arrive to a place or when you get people to a place by helping them get there

    1. Francis can’t seem to wake up early, so he is always getting to work late.

    2. We need to get to the train station at exactly 9 A.M.


    When something or someone reaches a certain level, amount, or number

    1. The summit of Mount Everest gets to -36 degrees Celsius during the summer.

    2. My stamina has increased! I can get to ten miles before I can run any further, whereas I only used to run seven miles a few months ago.


    When you find the time to do the things you need or want to do. Informally, it also means you start doing something gradually

    1. I hadn’t  really gotten to surf the internet as much these days.

    2. He finally gets to start working on that important project.


    When you are allowed to, or able to do something

    1. As soon as I get to ride a motorbike, I’ll go on a road trip.

    2. The group is very thrilled because they got to ride the 1,000-meter zipline.


    When you are bothered by someone or something either physically or psychologically

    1. Mason swore that he would never let negativity get to him again.

    2. Don’t let Johnson get to you, he is a bully by nature.


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    Exercises: Write your answers in comments and we will correct them.

    Fill in the gaps from the video above:

    Complete the sentences below with the correct form of Get To.

    1. Will you stop doing that? You are letting that pessimistic attitude of yours ___ ___ you again.

    2. When you ___ ___ the souvenir shop, will you buy me something nice?

    3.  I will be ___ ___ it later today. Give me some more time, I need to ___ __ the cafe first.

    4. Heidi’s mom helped her ____ __ her workplace by giving her a ride.

    5. Get your 3D glasses ready! It  ___ __ to be really exciting once the movie starts.


    Change the example sentences above to negative sentences (or positive, if the sentence is already negative). Then change them to questions.

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