• Mike Rowe’s Big Break: English Listening Exercise

    I actually heard this little excerpt on my favorite radio station, National Public Radio or NPR. This is a great resource to listen to interesting stories and regular news. NPR is like the United States’ version of the BBC. This is a really funny interview with Mike Rowe, former host of the popular show Dirty Jobs, talking about his first job on television.

    For Rowe, working at QVC, a television shopping network was his ‘big break.’ Do you know what ‘a big break’ means? See if you can answer this after you listen to the radio show.

    1. Where did he audition for the QVC?
    2. What did have to do for the interview?
    3. How much does the ‘cat sack’ toy cost?
    4. I _____ say that it’s a good idea but, it’s an idea.
    5. How many times was he fired?
    6. It was the perfect __________ ground for what would come many years later, with Dirty Jobs.
    7. What is his whole career based on?

    What is your strangest experience with a job interview? Have you ever had a big break? What is the strangest job you’ve ever had?

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