• Do Smartphones Make Stupid Parents? English Listening Exercise

    We often complain about teenagers that spend all of their time with family looking at the screens on their phones, but what about adults?

    What happens to children when the adults around them spend their time paying attention to their cellphones, rather than their children? This week’s English listening exercise is about a study that was done on this subject. The results are very interesting. And, just to make it clear that we’re not judging anyone, I often feel like I spend too much time on my phone when I’m with my daughter. I’m thinking about leaving it at home when I take her to the park from now on!

    1. She started noticing how often parents _______ their kids in favor of a mobile device.
    2. The baby kept making smiles and faces at the mom and she wasn’t _______  __ any of it.
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    3. How many of the parents used the mobile device?
    4. These _____ to ______ interactions are the primary way children learn.
    5. What did kids do when parents were absorbed in their mobile devices?
    6. What part of your brain is engaged when you are texting and answering emails?
    7. What did one child call his father’s phone?
    8. Do we know how this disconnection will affect the children? What do you think will be the outcome?

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