• English for Geeks, Freaks and Techies

    Not surprisingly, a lot of students taking our English classes are into technology. Obviously, if you think that learning English over Skype is a good idea, you probably spend a little time in front of your computer every day.

    So here are some common words and phrases used by English speaking techies, as well as some blogs, podcasts and other resources.

    Geeks, Freaks and Techies:

    In English, we often use Techies (sounds like “teckies”) and Geeks to describe people that are really into technology. Freaks is an English word I’ve heard used in other countries to describe the same thing, but oddly, I’ve never heard it used in the United States.

    You might be a geek if you: Use Linux and Ubuntu. Enjoy programming, hacking, or building your own computers. Frequently stay up past 2 am sitting in front of your computer, without realizing it. Play World of Warcraft, Starcraft or other Blizzard games.

    You might be a techie if you: Use Mac OS, and own a iMac, MacBook, iPod, iPad and iPhone. Have a jacket with special pockets for all your phones, mp3 players and other gadgets (see definition of gadgets below). Check blogs for news on gadgets and other electronics.

    Other things that may be common among both groups are a love for/obsession with WordPress, Twitter, podcasts, Steve Jobs, and Google.


    Any small electronic device, that is usually considered ingenious or novel. This includes mp3 players, smart phones and tablet computers.

    English Resources for Geeks and Techies:

    There are many popular blogs and podcasts that are great for both keeping up on technology news and practicing your English. As far as podcasts, I would recommend the Engadget podcast for people who love gadgets. For science and technology geeks, check out RadioLab.

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