• 5 Ways to become fluent in English

    While I’ve been teaching English classes, I have also been learning Spanish over Skype. So I have an idea of how hard it is to become fluent in English. I’ve found several things that have helped me learn a new language, and wanted to share them with you. These, I think, are the fastest ways of becoming fluent in English.

    1. Take live, one-on-one English lessons with a teacher who is a native English speaker.

    This might seem like an obvious advertisement for our business, but it is also true. If you want to learn quickly and correctly, speak with people who have been learning the language their whole life. They are the experts. One-on-one classes allow you to be constantly speaking and listening during the class, with a teacher who can instantly correct any mistakes.

    Let Shrek help you learn English.

    2. Watch movies in English.

    My personal favorites are cartoons, such as The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Shrek etc. They use fairly simple language that is often demonstrated through the character’s movements. At first, it may help to watch the movies with the English subtitles on. I recommend not using the subtitles in your native language. It’s just too tempting to read them and not pay attention to what’s being said in English.

    3. Listen to podcasts in English.

    I’ve mentioned this to several students, and most of them ask me “What is a podcast?” A podcast is like a radio program, but it’s in MP3 format, which allows you to listen to it anytime you want on your iPod or other MP3 player. Most podcasts are free, and iTunes has a large collection of them. My personal favorites are This American Life and RadioLab, although these are best for advanced speakers. There are several free podcasts, including this one, that are made for people learning English, which will be easier for beginners.

    Download these, put them on your iPod, and listen to them when you’re doing the dishes, cleaning, taking a long drive or riding on public transportation, walking somewhere, etc. It will greatly develop your English listening skills.

    4. Read in English.

    I strongly believe that reading in English  is key to developing your understanding of it. Reading helps you internalize the grammar and syntax of English, learn new grammar, and start thinking in English.

    5. Immerse yourself in English.

    Change your preferences on your internet browser to English, change your cell phone settings to English, watch television in English, listen to music in English… You get the idea, the more of your daily life you can change to English, the faster you’ll learn. We also offer special rates on English immersion courses. Email us if you are interested.

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