About Us

Choose your day, time and teacher for each class. Take classes as often as you like. Learn English by using it in live classes with professional teachers who focus on your individual language needs.


LOI was founded by English teachers in 2009. I was teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina, summer was coming and I would soon be unemployed. All my private students were taking vacations and all the schools I worked for were closing for the summer season. I had been using Skype for talking with family in the US. Over dinner one night Paul and discussed the idea building a website for teaching English. He built me a little website the next day and I started looking for students in other countries that need an English teacher.  I posted to different Craigslist cities and soon had several students from Spain taking classes with me. It was amazing and soon I had too many students for me to teach and so we hired our first teachers. 

After a while Paul started teaching as well in order to cover all of our hours. He taught a very important student of ours Daniel, who became our technical partner. During a class Paul asked how he would go about finding someone to build a platform for LOI English. Daniel liked LOI English and asked if he could submit a proposal and a former student became a partner. Another student, Hugo met with Paul in Brazil and asked if he could get involved. He is now our financial strategist and business advisor. 

We’ve grown organically and bootstrapped the entire time of the company. We are passionate about languages, education and LOI English. Our goals are to continue providing high quality boutique English classes to students around the world. 

We continue to employ more than 25 professional teachers and language lovers committed to helping you achieve more with English.

Our Curriculum

Our teachers have spent thousands of hours creating individual lessons and courses that will help you advance your English at any level, for any purpose.

Personalized Classes

While we have a great curriculum, we don’t follow it blindly. Teachers save notes on each class, and constantly adapt the classes to your needs and level.

Classes for Everyone

We teach English to students of all levels. Our classes help with any need, including business English, English tests, and classes for children and many more.



Contact us and we can answer any of your questions about learning English.