• Using Adjectives as Nouns and Gentrification in Rio, with Video and Exercises

    This week’s video and lesson are about using English adjectives as nouns, with a listening exercise about gentrification in the city of Rio de Janeiro. If you enjoy this lesson, you may want to contact us about trying an English class about the subject.

    Understanding how to use English nouns as adjectives is a great way to quickly improve your vocabulary.

    For example, read this statement: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    Poor and rich are adjectives, but by adding ‘the’ before them they become nouns. There are two types-of adjectives that can function as nouns. Watch the video below to learn more about them, then try the exercise.

    Video: Using English Adjectives as Nouns

    Change the following sentences to use the adjective as a noun. Write your answers in comments and we will respond.

    1. The people who live in Spain go to bed very late.

    2. It is good to take care of people that are old.

    3. The worst season for people without a home is the winter.

    4. Things that are unknown, like God and space are very interesting to me.

    5. I like dark beer but most people prefer light beer.

     Listening Exercise: Gentrification in Rio

    Click here to and you’ll be taken to a page where you can listen to a radio broadcast about this subject.

    After listening, try to answer the questions below.  If you answer in comments, we will reply.

    1. What new services are offered in favelas?

    2. Why did Natalie move to Babylon?

    3. How old is she?

    4. Why does she stay?

    5. How is the new program Pacification different from the old Police presence in Babylon?

    6. Who has the best views in the city?

    7. Who plays below the favelas?

    8. Nelio Pereira da Silva is on the phone __________ and _________.

    9. Who is buying the houses in Vidigal?

    10. What is happening to the locals?

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