Airport English: Tips for Check-In, Security, Customs and more

Flying is a stressful experience at the best of times, especially at the holiday season when airports are particularly busy. However, flying is even more stressful if you cannot understand what is being said to you or what exactly it is you need to do to get on your flight. Here is a quick guide to airport English to help you out.

English Airport Check-in Questions:

May I see your passport and ticket please?

What is the country of your final destination?

What is your country of residence?

How many pieces of luggage do you have to be checked-in?

Do you have hand luggage?

Did you pack your luggage yourself or did somebody help you?

Did you, at any point, leave your baggage unattended (by itself)?

Did anybody ask you to carry anything for them?

(You might hear) Your luggage is over the permitted (allowed) weight, you will be required to pay a fine.

Your luggage should be checked into the oversized (big or awkward) baggage section.

What kind of seat would you like, window, aisle (by the corridor) or middle?

Do you have any special eating requirements?

We remind you that all mobile phones and laptops should be switched off during takeoff and landing.

Thank you sir/madam, your gate number is __________.

Your flight will be boarding at _____ am/pm.

English Airport Security Questions:

Can you put all personal belongings in the plastic container, please?

Please remove your shoes and belt and place them in a separate container.

You are not permitted to carry open food or drinks beyond this point.

Excuse me, sir/madam, since you have set off the security alarm, we need to search you.

Sorry sir but potentially dangerous items like knives and razors cannot be carried onto the plane. Can you please remove them from your hand luggage.

Thank you for your co-operation, you can now proceed to your designated (given) gate.

Airport Announcements in English:

Flight _______ has been delayed. Please contact your carrier (airline) for further information.

Flight _______ is now boarding at gate ______

Can Mr/Ms/Miss/Mrs ______ please report to desk ____ urgently.

Flight _____ is now boarding. Would all passengers proceed to gate ____.

Will Mr/Ms/Miss/Mrs please report to the nearest airport telephone.

Some Things You Might Hear If Your Flight Has Been Cancelled Or Overbooked

Sorry sir but your flight has been canceled (due to technical problems on the plane/ unfavorable weather).

You can report to your carrier to change your ticket or we can put you on standby for the next available seat on a flight to your destination.

There will be a complimentary lunch for passengers in the dining area. Please ask a member of airline staff for your lunch ticket.

We will shuttle passengers who live at a distance from the airport to an adjacent (nearby) hotel.

The airline wishes to apologize for any inconvenience caused by the flight disruption.

Sorry, but we have double booked your seat. Can we upgrade you to first class?

Pre-boarding and boarding announcements

Good morning/afternoon passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight ____ to ____.

We are now inviting passengers with small children and any passengers requiring special assistance to come forward and begin boarding first.

Please have your boarding pass and identification ready for boarding.

We are now boarding seats _________. Will passengers with those seats only please come forward.

This is the final boarding call for flight ___________. Would all remaining passengers for this flight please report to gate _____.

This is the final boarding call for passengers ______ booked on flight ____ to _____. Would this passenger proceed to gate _____ immediately.

Ok, now that the stressful part is over (well, hopefully) relax and enjoy your flight.

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