• Are you using English Possessives Correctly? (video and exercise)

    English possessives are a bit different than they are in most other languages In our classes, we see even advanced students making mistakes with possessives, or using them in ways that are maybe technically correct, but sound strange to a native English speaker.

    For example, which of the sentences below is correct?

    My husband’s uncle is coming to dinner.

    The uncle of my husband is coming to dinner.

    Watch the video for the correct answer, and to learn more about English possessives.

    Create possessive sentences from the words below. Write your answers in comments and we will respond. 

    Example: children/the/books/are/these > These are the children’s books.

    1. company/computers/are/they/the

    2. friend/that/my/dog/is

    3. car/wife/where/my/is/?

    4. president/interesting/speech/the/was

    5. traffic/Los Angeles/bad/is

    6. Usain Bolt/record/to beat/difficult/will be

    7. atmosphere/great/for/the Olympics/London/has a

    9. these/your son/glasses/are/?

    10. food/what/like/is/London/?

    Ok, that’s it. You can write your answers below. Contact us if you would like to schedule an English class.

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