• Asking Directions in English: Don’t Get Lost in the South

    English for traveling can be difficult especially depending upon which country you will be in and what the accents are like. You should however learn and practice direction prepositions, direction verbs, and direction questions. In this post you will find all of these things. Be sure and watch the video to see if you can understand these directions.


    1. On
    2. Over
    3. Behind
    4. Beside
    5. In
    6. Next to
    7. To the right (of)
    8. To the left (of)
    9. Between

    In front of VERBS

    1. Turn-to change direction. You turn right at the stop light.
    2. Cross-to go to the other side. You cross the river and then turn right
    3. Go toward-head in the direction of. You go toward the street Rivadavia.
    4. Go straight-Continue in the same direction. Go straight four more blocks and you will see it on your left.
    5. Go back-to go the opposite direction in which you were going. You need to go back two blocks and you will see it.


    1. Excuse me, can you tell me where the Empire State building is?
    2. Could you tell me how to get to the DaVinci Restaurant?
    3. Am I close to the MALBA museum?
    4. Where is the bus 15 stop?
    5. What stop should I get off at for the shopping center?
    6. Where can I catch the train?

    Hopefully you won’t get lost, but if you do try some of these questions.

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