• Breaking the 5 Minute Beer Mile – English Listening Exercise

    Last week we had an amazing video about running and the courage it takes to get up after a fall. This week we have another video about running and the bravery it takes to chug beer while doing it. This is crazy! Would you try this? What would happen to your body if you tried it? Watch the video and do the listening and writing exercise that go with it.

    Listening (The listening will be for the first 4 minutes only because after that there isn’t much speaking while he is running. You can fast-forward through the laps and watch the outcome!)

    1. How long ago was the 4 minute mile record broken?

    2. How long does it take him to drink beer out of glass? a can?

    3. What is the key factor in the CO2 in beer?

    4.  Here ____ are, a new world record in the beer mile.

    5. What will he do if he doesn’t break the record?

    6. In what distance do you have to drink the beer?

    7. How does the beer need to be consumed?

    8. What is the minimum alcohol content needed in the beer?

    9. Make sure you have a _______  _____.


    Would you ever do this? Why or Why not? What is the most unusual race that you know about in your country?


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