• Can You Trust What You Hear? – Listening Exercise

    Famous American inventor Benjamin Franklin once said “Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see.” Today’s listening exercise will have you believing Mr. Franklin.

    You’ve probably seen lots of different optical illusions – images and videos that are meant to trick your eyes and make you see something that isn’t there. But what about audio illusions? These are illusions meant to trick your ears. In the video below you hear some illusions that will really surprise you. Watch the video, then try our listening exercises. We’ve only created a listening exercise for the first illusion, about 1 minute of the video.

    Answer the questions below in comments, and we will respond.

    1 Many of us have _____ ____ to catch illusions that trick our eyes, but ___ ____ do you consider illusions of the ear?

    2. If you heard “bar, bar, bar,” ___ __ right.

    3. What is the contraction in the sentence above?

    4. The audio ____ ___ change between the two videos.

    5. __ ____, ___ ____ watching each video, and see how the sounds morph.

    6. What is the meaning of the phrasal verb above?

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