• Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good – Listening Exercise

    Ok, it’s been a busy week. Are you ready for an English listening exercise that will make you laugh? This week we’ve got one that uses a clip from the American comedy Zoolander. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a hilarious movie about male models.

    In this clip Mogatu, the guy with the crazy white hair, is offering to build a “Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good” to convince Zoolander, the guy in the silver jacket, to work for him.

    Watch the clip below, then see if you can complete the listening exercise.

    Answer the questions in comments and we’ll respond.

    1. Why was Zoolander a little hesitant to work with Mogatu?

    2. Why does Mogatu throw the coffee on his assistant?

    3. What is grammatically wrong with the name of Derek Zoolander’s center?

    4. Why does Zoolander throw the model of the building to the floor?

    Having problems with Question #3? Click here for an explanation.

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