• What Color is the Dress? An English Listening Exercise

    Ok, so if you’ve been on the internet anytime recently, you’ve probably heard about the dress below.

    THE dress.

    The question is, do you see a white and gold dress, or a black and blue dress? I avoided checking this dress out for a few weeks, even as I saw everyone I knew posting about it on Facebook. Finally a friend assured me that it was really worth checking out. As it turns out, I see a gold and white dress, my wife and daughter are sure it’s blue and black. What do you think? Watch the video below to learn about why people see it differently, then see if you can answer the listening questions.

    Answer the questions in comments, and we’ll make corrections.

    1. Alright, so the world has ______ become _____ divided on this dress.

    2. ____ ___ __ ___ we have team black and blue, __ ___ ___ team white and gold.

    3. ___ ___ ___ ___, we both saw black and blue.

    4. What does the idiomatic expression above mean?

    5. What did they think about the dress at first?

    6. Why do the squares on the cube appear to be different colors?

    7. How do they explain why different people see different colors on the dress?

    8. From a _____ _____ the dress is blue.

    9. Finally, what color do you think the dress is?

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