• Complex Compound English Sentence Structure

    This is the last part in our series about English sentence structure and word order problems for English language learners. In this video you will hear the explanation for Complex Compound Sentences. This is the last, and most complicated form of the English sentence. Often times, the problem for English language learners is that they don’t follow the rules of the simple sentence structure. The most important thing to remember is that there must be a subject, verb relationship in all parts of the sentence.

    You will see that Complex Compound Sentence has 2 independent clauses and 1 dependent clause. In all 3 parts there is a subject verb relationship.

    Take a look at this sentence:

    After Halloween we decided that our daughter, who is two years old, had too much candy, so we threw it away.

    I.C. After Halloween we decided that our daughter had too much candy.

    I.C. We threw it away.

    D.C. who is two years old

    Watch the video and complete the exercises to practice compound complex sentences:


    Look at the 3 sentence parts and put them together to make a compound complex sentence.

    Dependent Clause: As soon as we arrived

    Independent Clause: We went to the soccer game.

    Independent Clause: It started to rain.

    1. _________________________________________.


    I.C.: We thought the movie was too violent.

    I.C. Our friends disagreed with us.

    D.C. who like scarey movies

    2. _______________________________________.

    I.C. We’ll go camping.

    I.C. We could stay in a hotel.

    D.C. If the weather is bad

    3. _________________________________________.

    I.C. I made dinner.

    I.C. Paul went to the gym.

    D.C. which was chicken fajitas

    4. ________________________________________.

    I.C. The students were seated and ready.

    I.C. The teachers was 15 minutes late for class.

    D.C. because he had to go to a meeting.

    5. ______________________________________.


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