Business English

Our business English course focuses on improving your executive speaking, listening, and reading skills. The lessons will help you build your work-related English vocabulary and general English fluency.

The course emphasis is oral fluency with vocabulary and grammar to help you convey exactly what you mean. You will engage in real and authentic discussions with your teacher focused on business related topics.

Your LOI English teacher will provide you with positive corrective feedback. By the end of your business course, you will feel more confident speaking in English during meetings, job interviews, sales pitches, presentations, conferences, and other business situations.

In our business classes, you will learn 200+ vocabulary words, review 20+ grammatical structures, and most importantly improve your speaking abilities immensely. All the lessons were written by our knowledgeable and friendly teaching team and all the reading and listening exercises come from popular and respected business resources.

LOI English teachers will tailor classes to your specific needs. We can focus on human resources, sales, a presentation, a job interview, or whatever else you need.


  • Emphasis on oral fluency
  • Real and authentic business English discussions
  • Articles and Clips used ¬†from highly regarded business resources
  • Tailored approach
  • 200+ new Vocabulary words
  • 20+ Grammar Structures
  • English for Meetings, Sales Pitches, Presentations, Conferences,
  • Positive Corrective Feedback