English Classes for Employees

LOI English offers high quality English language classes for your company’s needs.

This can include intensive 1-to-1 classes for a sales team or executive team, blended group and 1-to-1 classes for your engineers, or group classes to help your team communicate better with their colleagues.

Our lessons are tailored to the company’s needs as well.

For example, if you’re a pharmaceutical company we’ll use lessons regarding medical technology and the industry. If you’re a fast growing tech company and we might discuss the merits of stand-up meetings and working remotely.

Your team’s English will improve rapidly with LOI English. What makes us different is our teachers. Not only are they experienced and certified english teachers, they also have unique experience working within business environments.

Experienced and certified English language teachers

  • Broad Range of Business experience
  • LOI English’s Method
  • Classes that are tailored and meaningful for each company and each student

We offer monthly progress reports for your decision makers so you can see how your team is learning and becoming fluent in English.

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