English for Children

Invest in your children’s future with live English classes via Skype taught by native English speakers. Your children will learn to speak English from the best teachers, without having to leave home.

Our teachers are experienced teaching children over Skype, and we have seen great results. You will not believe how fast your children will learn. It makes us all wish we had started learning languages earlier!

Our youngest learner at LOI English is 5 and our oldest learner is 76. The focus is on fun conversation and singing. The children’s lessons are bright, colorful, and fun. We use a lot of great pictures and emphasize teaching spoken English. 

Our children’s English classes are 25 minutes long. The classes move quickly to keep the children focused and the teachers are animated and cheerful. The children learn new vocabulary and grammar through speaking.  

The teachers tailor the classes to each unique child’s interest so the children get to talk about what they love. The classes can be about football, kittens, boy bands, whatever it takes to get them speaking in English.

Teachers may ask students to jump, clap, stamp or something similar during class to make the classes full of movement and joy. Don’t be surprised if your child jumps up and shouts a word in English.

We play charades…we ask the student to mime an animal or the teacher mimes  and the student guesses! The students learn verbs, animals, and nouns this way. Most students take online ESL classes in their own houses, meaning they have all their toys in grabbing distance. The teacher may do a scavenger hunt with the student so be aware that your child may run to her/his room and grab something. The students should have a piece of paper and pen ready to draw something for the teacher and create their own flashcards.