English Pronunciation Classes

This is an intensive course made for students that want to improve their pronunciation and reduce their accent quickly. In each 25-minute lesson a single sound will be introduced, explained clearly and concisely, and practiced.  

Teachers for this course have been trained in English pronunciation. You can choose a 5 or 10-lesson intensive course. Classes will focus on very technical aspects of pronunciation, including the 17 spoken vowel sounds and 48 spoken consonant sounds used in English.

You’ll take a self-assessment at the beginning of the course to discover which English sounds are the most difficult for you. Once you choose the most problematic sounds, your class time will be spent on training your voice and mouth to pronounce them correctly.

You will improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent significantly during this course work with your teacher.

Course Details:

  • Compare sounds you are studying with other sounds.
  • Read sentences with words containing the sounds.
  • Talk about a topic using words that contain the sounds.
  • You can buy 5 or 10 classes of 55 minutes each.
  • Classes are live with a native English speaker via Skype.
  • A self-assessment test to determine your pronunciation needs.
  • Lessons based on your needs.
  • A final assessment to check your improvement.