English Writing Classes

Our English writing classes are designed to help you improve your written English skills. The focus can be on essay writing, presentation writing, email writing, or general English writing. The classes focus on your needs and weaknesses to help improve your overall writing, increase your vocabulary, help you with word order, and more.

These classes are intensive and can be taken in conjunction with other LOI English classes such as conversation or test preparation.

How it works:

  • A teacher contacts you to learn your level, and what topics may be best for your writing exercise, then creates a writing exercise that is individual for you.
  • You write four paragraphs (about 500 words) for the writing exercise, then send them to the teacher.
  • The teacher corrects the writing exercise, returns it to you, and arranges a live, 25-minute class to discuss the corrections.
  • You re-write the original text, using the corrections from the teacher, then return the exercise to the teacher for final review.
  • The teacher does a final review of your work, then returns it to you with corrections, and arranges another 25-minute class to discuss the final corrections.