Shared English Classes

LOI English is now offering shared classes. You’ll share a class with one other student who is matched to your level. You’ll improve your English speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and listening skills.  You will be matched with a student from another country in order to make the classes dynamic and rich.

Still the same high quality, engaging LOI English classes!

These classes are to help you improve your English and expand your world™. They’ll be with our best English teachers and will make your experience amazing.  The times to have class are below. The classes are once a week for a whole month. Sometimes they might be private classes and others you may have a dynamic class with another student. 

No Borders No Limits

Shared classes are a dynamic way to make connections with people all over the world. In our global economy we often find ourselves speaking English with someone that, like yourself, isn’t a native English speaker. This can help you learn and become accustomed to speaking English with a diverse group of people.