• Defending Your Position – Business English

    LOI English is introducing an executive training business English course. The course is designed for upper-intermediate to advanced students that need to use English in work settings. The course will cover executive business skills such as: defending a position, opening a meeting, closing a meeting, giving a presentation, and presenting a proposal to a small group. You will also practice for some of the challenging situations that occur when you are in an executive English environment.

    In this video you will see a high stakes meeting and you’ll hear to two different opinions on the course of action the company should take. There are some really good and useful phrasal verbs and idioms that you will encounter if you are in a business English environment.

    Answer the questions below in comments, and we will respond.

    1. What are the three ways to make a living in the business?

    2. What does ‘make a living’ mean? Can you use it in a sentence of your own?

    3. What recommendation is given?

    4. “If I _____ you, how would you do this?” Can you use the verb in a sentence of your own that has a similar meaning to the quote?

    5. What is Sam’s recommendation? Can you summarize what he says?

    6. “But John, ___ __ we manage to ____ that ___, and that is saying something, the real question is, who are we selling this to?”

    7. Why does Sam disagree with selling the shares?

    8. What is the boss’s argument for selling the shares?

    Have you ever disagreed with your boss? If so, did you defend your position?

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