• Earworms – Songs that Get Stuck in Your Head

    Have you ever had a song get stuck in your head, and play over and over? We call those earworms, and they are an actual scientific phenomenon that have been studied. Want to learn more about them and improve your English listening skills? Watch the video below, and try the exercises.

    Answer the questions in comments, and we will reply.

    1. What are some characteristics of an earworm?

    2. How many people have reported experiencing an earworm?

    3. What are earworms, from a psychological perspective?

    4. What tends to make a song become an earworm?

    5. How do we know earworms are not just a modern phenomenon?

    6. What is different about music that causes it to get stuck in your head?

    7. Have you experienced an earworm?

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