• Easily Confused Words in English: Job and Work

    Well it is Sunday evening and tomorrow most of us have to return to our work week (not our job week). What is the difference between work and job? Good question! Here are some commonly confused English words hope it helps.

    The difference between job and work:

    WorkWork can be both a noun and a verb. Read the definition below:

    • Work (Noun) an activity of mental or physical effort that has a result or purpose such as: money, growth, a product.
    1. He was tired after a long day’s work. I’m still looking for work.
    • Work (Noun) the place where the activity of work is done.
    1. I’m going to work. I’ve just gotten home from work.
    • Work (Verb) the activity involving physical or mental effort that you do for a result such as: money.
    1. I like working.  I’ve worked here for 3 years.

    Job-job can only be a noun. There isn’t a verb form.

    • Job (Noun) a paid position of regular employment.
    1. I have a part-time job.
    2. I like my job.
    • Job (Noun) a small task or a piece of work.
    1. You did a good job today on the report that you did.
    2. I need to focus in order to get the job done.

    Hints: Job is countable. I have three jobs. A job should be fun. You always have an article (the/a/an/1,2,3).

    Work is uncountable. I work a lot. What do you do at work. You NEVER use articles (the/a/an/1,2,3).

    Watch the video and do the questions below:

    1. When you get a ____ you can get some moonshoes.

    2. Trust me you don’t want a _______.

    3. I’m ready to start _________.

    4. How do you like the new ________?

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