• Should We Eat Bugs? An English Listening Exercise

    Practice your English listening with the video and exercise below.

    Have you ever thought about eating an insect, like the one below? Yeah, probably not. But the video for this week’s makes a pretty good argument for doing it. It also includes a lot of great vocabulary related to cooking.

    Watch the video below, then see if you can answer the questions:

    English Listening Exercise: Gap Fill

    1. The ____ even has a name, Entomophagy.
    2. What does the word in the gap above refer to?
    3. Early hunter gatherers probably learned from animals the foraged for protein rich insects, and ______ ____.
    4. What does the phrase in the gap above mean?
    5. What were the two roles of bugs as food in the past?
    6. Why do scientists think we stopped eating bugs?
    7. What are 5 ways of cooking bugs?
    8. What are the benefits of eating bugs? Would you eat them? Why or why not?



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