• English Adjectives with Ed and Ing Video and Exercise

    We’re proud of the new video we’ve posted below on English adjectives with Ed and Ing. We love these animated videos, and hope to produce more in the future.

    A lot of our students get confused by English adjectives with Ed and Ing. First, because they look like verbs in the present simple and the continuous tense, second because they’re not sure how the Ing and Ed effect the meaning of the word. Watch the video below, then see if you can do the exercises and master English adjectives with Ed and Ing. Also, be sure to watch more of our English videos if you have time.

    Choose the correct answer. You can write your answers in comments and we will respond.

    1. My English classes via Skype are very (interested/interesting).
    2. The students are never (bored/boring) in our classes.
    3. I was (irritated/irritating) that I had to wait 2 weeks to see the movie.
    4. He was (embarrassed/embarrassing) that he hadn’t studied his English adjectives.
    5. The news that the economy is (improved/improving) was good news to everyone.
    6. We are (excited/exciting) that our new video is finished.
    7. I think that animation can be very (entertained/entertaining).
    8. We plan on having a (relaxed/relaxing) weekend.
    9. This month’s results are (encouraged/encouraging).
    10. I hope this lesson wasn’t (confused/confusing) for you.

    Want more? Click here to try our adjectives quiz.

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