• Using English Articles: The (Video and Exercise)

    Hello! We’re back from vacation and ready to start the new year with new exercises! This one adds to our last video on articles, giving you more information about “The.” This is the definite article in English, knowing when to use it, and when to use articles “a” and “an” can sometimes be difficult. To learn more, watch the video below on using “The” in English, then try the exercises.

    Complete the exercises. If you write them in the comments, we will correct them.

    1. (A/The/No Article) black car is mine.

    2. We bought (a/the/no article) new car. (A/The/No Article) new car is fast.

    4. Where is  (a/the/no article) best place to live?

    5. He is from (a/the/no article) Solomon Islands.

    6. She is from (a/the/no article) Iceland.

    7. Where is (a/the/no article) battery on an iPhone?

    8. We went to (a/the/no article) Atlantic Ocean.

    9. (A/The/No Article) Lake Michigan is near (a/the/no article) Chicago.

    10. We want to visit (a/the/no article) Amazon.

    11. I love playing (a/the/no article) basketball.

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