• English Articles: Video and Exercise

    Do you have problems using English article “A” or “An” and “The?” This is very common for a lot of our English students, especially from Russia and Asia, where languages such as Russian and Mandarin do not use articles at all. These students don’t know when they should use articles.

    Other times, students from countries like Spain or Brazil will be confused about when to use “A” and when to use “An,” or will use “the” where it is not necessary.

    See if you can do these exercises:

    I saw (a/an/no article) black cat.

    I saw (a/an/no article) awesome cat.

    (A/An/no article) cats are intelligent.

    (A/An/The) trust is the key to a good relationship.

    Watch the videos to get the answers to these questions, then try the exercises below.

    1. Did you buy (a/an/no article) hat?

    2. It took me (a/an/no article) hour to walk to the store.

    3. (The/No article) education is very important to me.

    4. (The/No article) students are very well educated.

    5. I don’t trust (the/no article) politicians.

    8. It’s hard to find (a/an/the) honorable politician these days.

    7. Did you move to (a/an) new office?

    8. I don’t even have (a/an) office.


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