• English Conversation Class: Can Art Change the World?

    The topic for our first group English conversation class is, which will take place on Wednesday, March 16 at 9 PM GMT, is: Can Art Change the World?

    This topic was inspired by the 2011 TED Prize winner, semi-anonymous French street artist JR. JR started out as a on the streets of Paris, where he began photographing fellow graffiti artists, and posting the photos in public spaces as illegal street exhibitions.

    His projects became more and more ambitious over time. In 2006, he enlarged photos of “thugs” from the suburbs of France after large riots there, and posted them on walls in wealthy neighborhoods.

    A photo of JR's Face to Face project in the Middle East. © jr-art.net

    In 2007, he created the largest illegal photo exhibition ever, entitled “Face to Face.” For this project, he photographed Israelis and Palestinians that worked in the same professions, then posted the portraits next to each other on either side of the wall that separates Israel and Palestine.

    Since then, JR has continued to create interesting and daring art projects around the world, often in places that are considered too dangerous to visit. After winning the TED Prize, the TED Foundation gave JR one wish, which it then uses its resources to help fulfill.

    JR’s wish is to do a massive art project, in which people from all over the world can send him photos, that he will then have printed, and mail back for people to create their own JR-like street art exhibitions.

    Below you can watch a video in which JR himself explains his work and the project. You’ll also find several links to additional reading about his work and the TED project. Click here to register for a group English conversation class about JR’s work, and the question: Can Art Change the World?

    Read more about JR’s work, and the TED Prize here.

    Click here to become part of his art project.


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