• English Conversation Class: The Ethics of Eating

    This week’s English conversation class is about the ethics of eating. There are a lot of questions these days about right and wrong when it comes to how we feed ourselves. Some feel that factory farming is unhealthy and inhumane, while others think it is the only way to provide food to the billions of people in the world.

    Some people feel that organic food is the only thing to eat, both for health and environmental reasons, while others think it is a waste of money.

    Do you think about eating ethically? What does eating ethically mean to you? Is being vegetarian or even vegan a more humane, environmentally friendly way to eat? Do you buy organic foods? Is large scale industrial farming necessary, or is it an unsustainable practice that will eventually leave us all hungry? Is it possible to produce food in a human, environmentally friendly way, and still feed everyone?

    We’ll talk about these questions and much more for our next group English conversation class. All students who have take an group English conversation class will be sent an email with a link to the class on Wednesday morning. If you would like to join this live, audio/visual class, taught by a native English speaker, click here.

    Below you’ll find two videos to help you prepare for the class, a short one about modern pig farming and a longer one about sustainable farming practices in Spain. Viewing is not required, but they are interesting!

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