• English Conversation Classes: Talking About the 2011 Economy

    We have been listening to reports and talking about the economic crisis for a few years now but how will things change in 2011? What is your view? Do you have a positive or negative outlook on the state of your country’s economy for the year ahead?

    Let’s learn some vocabulary that expresses how we feel:

    Positive Outlook

    I am hopeful because…

    Consumer confidence will be restored and public spending will increase.

    Investors will regain (recover) their faith in our market and resume manufacturing here.

    The local economy will be boosted by strong exports.

    Government cutbacks will start to take effect.

    Interest rates will be reduced.

    Restructuring of banks will help reduce their debts.

    Negative Outlook

    I am doubtful things will improve because

    The dollar remains high against local currency.

    Unemployment is now at record levels.

    A brain drain (emigration of new graduates) is causing young talent to leave the country because of the shortage of jobs.

    International markets have lost confidence in our currency and we might be forced into devaluation.

    We might not be able to pay back our loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and as a result could default on our payments (or be unable to make payments on time).

    Let’s look at the following cartoon on the economic crisis. See if you can answer the following questions based in it:

    Do you think this cartoon is showing the economic situation in a positive or negative light?

    What point is the cartoonist making?

    Do you agree or disagree?

    If you had to draw one more picture to finish the cartoon what would it show?

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