• English Convesation Classes: Analogue v. Digital Cameras

    One of my favourite pastimes is Lomography or informal photography. My collection of (film-based) analog cameras includes everything from a Holga to an Action Sampler to a Fisheye, which takes wonderful circular shots.

    Camera with fisheye lense.

    These cameras mark an incredible evolution in form from the earliest manifestation of the camera as an 11th century dark box or camera obscura. Let’s not forget today’s digital cameras which have taken that evolution even further. Which do you prefer? It’s a great topic for an English conversation class.

    Let’s talk about the cameras you use. Below you’ll find great English vocabulary and phrases for talking about photography, as well as conversation questions.

    What kind of camera do you prefer?






    Why do you prefer digital cameras?

    Shots are instantaneous.

    I can upload photographs easily onto my computer.

    There are no expensive developing costs for prints.

    I can take hundreds, even thousands, of pictures provided I have sufficient memory in my camera.

    I can edit my photographs myself without needing a professional to do so.

    I can print pictures easily on my computer.

    I can easily delete pictures I don’t like.

    There are many different models of digital cameras to choose from.

    Digital cameras are convenient and can fit in my pocket or purse on a night out.

    Why do you prefer analog cameras?

    I like the artistic shots I can take.

    I enjoy the process of developing prints in a darkroom.

    I enjoy the craft involved, for example having to know how to take advantage of light and positioning.

    An imperfection in a shot can give it originality. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

    Yes, digital cameras can be easily deleted but analogue photographs have been around for centuries!

    Now, let’s look at two photographs of New York City. One  is taken with an analog camera and one with a digital device.

    Which is which?

    Why do you think this is so?

    What are the differences between the two photographs?

    Which do you prefer?

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