• Asking Difficult Questions: English Listening Exercise

    I love this animated clip, in which a young boy with a form of autism asks his mother some very difficult questions, so I turned it into a listening exercise.

    I really appreciate Sarah, the mother, and the way she answers her son’s questions. Also, there are some interesting English expressions and idioms in this listening exercise. It is easier than many of our listening exercises because there are subtitles, but I think that writing and creating your own sentences using some of English idioms and expressions will add some challenge. Also, please do the writing exercise for a bit of English writing practice. As always I’ll correct your answers if you post them in the comments area.

    1. Cockroach is the insect we ______ to _______.
    2. Can you use the above expression in your own sentence?
    3. What is blushing?
    4. Have you ever thought you couldn’t _____ with having a child?
    5. What is a phrasal verb synonym for the word that goes in the gap above?
    6. ______ friendly comes easily to Amy.
    7. ‘Comes easily’ Can you use this expression in a sentence of your own?
    8. I had to learn to _____ out of the ______.
    9. What does the above phrase mean?

    Writing exercise: Answer at least 4 of the questions that Joshua asks his mom. What do you think about honesty and speaking with your children? Have your children ever asked you a really difficult question? or Did you ever ask your parents difficult questions? How did you or your parents respond?

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