• English Listening Exercise: President Obama on Between Two Ferns

    The video for this week’s English listening exercise is really interesting and funny.

    President Obama goes on the comedy show, “Between Two Ferns” which is a really funny and pretty odd type of comedy. It is surprising that he would go on the show and it proves how he is really pushing younger people in the United States to join the health care program he helped create.

    Try the Listening Exercise:

    1. Why did he cancel a few times?

    2. In 2013 you pardoned a turkey. What ___ you ___ planned for 2014?

    3. Why don’t we ______ __?

    4. What does he compare running 3 times to?

    5. He kind of ______ that movie didn’t he?

    6. Be short and _____ and ____ like Doritos and try to ___ __ in Hollywood.

    7. Where are you planning on building your presidential library in _____ or your ___ country of Kenya?

    8. What would he do if he was president? Why?

    9. What did Obama go on the show to “plug?”

    Writing: Would the leader of your country go on a show like this? Why or why not? Do you think that stuff like this works?

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