• English Listening Exercise: A Tribute To Mandela

    Our listening exercise this week is in honor of Nelson Mandela.

    In a very short amount of time, the video below by the New York Times creates a portrait of a man focused on accomplishing important things, who has strong beliefs that he is willing to sacrifice everything for, a man who makes big sacrifices, but accomplishes big things.

    The power of language is heard in the clips of Mandela’s speeches. Watching this video I also found it interesting hear about the true meaning of the word “apartheid.” The video illustrates the negative and positive power language and the words we choose can have in our societies.

    The entire video is worth watching, but the listening exercise will cover just the first 4 minutes.

    Fill in the gaps from the video. We will correct answers in comments.

    1. “When a man has ______ what he considers to be his duty in his country he can ____ in peace.”

    2. What was the central goal?

    3.  What does apartheid mean?

    4. How did Mandela arrive at his trial?

    5. “It is an ideal for which I hope to _____for; but my lord if it needs be it is an ideal for ____ I’m prepared to ___. ”

    6.  How old was Nelson Mandela when he was sentenced to life in prison?

    7. What was Nelson Mandela’s strategy?

    8. How old was he when he was released from prison?

    9. “It was an _________ moment.”


    Writing Exercise:

    What are your thoughts on Nelson Mandela’s life and death? Has your country had a leader like Mandela? Someone who brought great change to the country? As always we’ll correct your answers in comments.

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