• English Listening Exercises with Christmas Classics: Elf

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    Around Christmas time, there are several films that people in the United States traditionally watch every year, and you can find these movies playing over and over again on television. One of my favorites is Elf, a Christmas-themed comedy starring Will Ferrell. For me, this is easily the funniest of the traditional Christmas movies.

    Even though I’ve seen Elf dozens of times, I still find it funny somehow. The two clips below still make me laugh everytime I watch them. I’ve included some listening questions with them. If you haven’t seen the movie before, Buddy (played by Ferrell) is a human who was raised by Elves at the North Pole. He’s come to New York City to find his father. Much of the movie’s humor comes from  Buddy’s confusion about life and culture outside of the North Pole.

    What are they arguing about at the beginning?

    Why are you ____ ____ ___?

    I ____ like to ____, ______ my ________.

    How would you describe Ferrell’s reaction to the announcement?

    Who ___ ___ are you?

    What are you _______ _____, I’m Santa Claus.

    How does the fake Santa know what Buddy sang to the real Santa on his birthday?

    You _______ me, how can you ____ ____ ________.

    Just ____ __ zippy.

    You sit on a _____ of _____.

    What does Buddy tell the kids after he takes Santa’s fake beard?

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