• English Modal Verb Video 2: Might

    The second video in our series on English modal verbs covers “might.” This is a modal verb that is very frequently used by native English speakers, but rarely used by students. Learning to use it will make your English sound more like a native speaker.

    After the video, try doing some of the modal verb exercises below.

    Rewrite the sentences below using might.
    1. I am possibly going to visit Argentina next year.
    2. If it is nice out, I’ll probably go to the park.
    3. You may want to bring an umbrella today, I think it’s going to rain.
    4. If I had been a better student, I could have been fluent in Spanish when I went to Argentina.
    5. It would be fun to go somewhere warm this winter.

    You’ll find our first video on English modal verbs here.

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