• English Modal Verbs 6: Would

    Ok, we are continuing with our videos about English modal verbs with “Would.” If you’ve watched all 6 videos and practiced the exercises (see list below), you should be able to understand and use these important but difficult verbs much better.

    “Would” is a very useful, and tricky, modal verb. Watch the video below to learn more about it, and then see if you can complete the English modal verb exercise.

    Add “Would” to these sentences to make them more polite:

    Pass me the salt.

    When you come inside, take off your shoes.

    Close the door.

    If you’re going to the store, bring me back some beer.

    Complete these 3rd conditional sentences:

    If I ___ left the bar earlier, I _____ ____ gotten so drunk.

    I _____ ____ been wealthy, ___ won the lottery last week.

    If I ___ been able to visit Peru, I _____ ____.

    Modal Verb Video 1

    Modal Verb Video 2: Might 

    Modal Verb Video 3: May

    Modal Verb Video 4: Can

    Modal Verb Video 5: Could

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