• English Modal Verbs Video 5: Could

    Ok, we’re already to our 5th video on English modal verbs! We’re expecting to hear our students using them more often now! Today’s video is about “could,” a very commonly used modal verb that can be confusing, because it has several meanings.

    Watch the video below to study your modal verbs, then see if you can do the exercises below.

    English Modal Verb Exercises:

    1. What is the difference between these three sentences?

    I should buy a new pair of shoes.

    I could buy a new pair of shoes. 

    I might buy a new pair of shoes.

    2. Rewrite these sentences using ‘could.’

    Maybe we can eat pizza tonight. 

    It’s possible that she is sick.

    He will maybe be visiting New York. 

    Perhaps we will have another beer. 

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