Blow Away

How to Conjugate Blow Away

  • Infinitive: Blow Away
  • Present Tense: Blow Away/ Blow Aways
  • -ing Form: Blowing Away
  • Past Tense: Blew Away
  • Past Participle: Blown Away
Blow Away is a separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Blow Away:

1. When the wind moves an object or person from where it was.

Examples: The wind was so strong that it blew away some of the tree branches!
He is so thin that I’m afraid the wind will blow him away.

2. To kill someone with a firearm.

Examples: The gunman blew away anyone who attempted to get in his way.
A hand grenade can blow you away.

3. To feel overwhelmed, amazed, shocked or emotional by what you’ve seen or heard.

Examples: The Seahawks’ Superbowl win blew everyone away! We are still celebrating the victory.
It just blows me away to see how fast my nephews are growing up!

4. To spend all your money.

Examples: Don’t blow all your money away at the casino!
Dean blows away his money on partying and girls.

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