Carry Away

How to Conjugate Carry Away

  • Infinitive: Carry Away
  • Present Tense: Carry Away/ Carries Away
  • -ing Form: Carrying Away
  • Past Tense: Carried Away
  • Past Participle: Carried Away
Carry Away is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Carry Away:

1. To do something out of the ordinary due to strong emotions.

Examples: When the actress realized that she had won the award, she got carried away and kissed everyone around her.
My mom gets carried away around the holidays and bakes any and everything.

2. To take something or someone in your arms or hands from one place to another.

Examples: The pallbearers carried the casket away to the hearse.
Where are you carrying those speakers away to?

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