Carry On

How to Conjugate Carry On

  • Infinitive: Carry On
  • Present Tense: Carry On/ Carries On
  • -ing Form: Carrying On
  • Past Tense: Carried On
  • Past Participle: Carried On
Carry On is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Carry On:

1. To continue doing something or to continue on in life despite an obstacle.

Examples: The teacher told her students to carry on with their reading while she gets the test papers from the other classroom.
After the 800 meter race, I was too tired to carry on with any of the other track events.

2. When someone behaves badly.

Examples: My best friend carried on all night about how her ex-boyfriend was a jerk.
The restaurant manager made the group of people leave because they were carrying on and disturbing the other diners.

3. To take something with you when traveling on a bus, train or airplane.
[Noun] {Carry-on} The baggage you take with you on a bus, train or airplane.

Examples: The attendant said my bag was too big to carry on the plane, so I had to check it.
Jess prefers to take the train because he can take more than one carry-on.

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